Acunetix is our vulnerability scanning tool of choice for situations where information security is a real concern and confidence in safety is key.

JP Lessard, President of Software Services, Miles Technologies

Acunetix has helped us to identify problems as well as to increase the trust level between the project and client, following years of pen tests.

Bob Cain, Sr. IT Specialist, Parsons

Acunetix has helped us solve and improve application security. Thanks to Acunetix, we can eliminate potential attack vectors before publishing the application. With Acunetix, we also solved the challenges posed by an insufficient developer education level in the area of security.

Alejandro Vergara, ISO, Caracol TV

Acunetix has improved the turnaround time for the process and has been a boon for the IT team.

Sachindra Narayan, Senior Security Specialist, Cognizant

Initially we were thrilled to run Acunetix to find and fix some rather large vulnerabilities we had no idea existed. Since then, we have moved to a more comprehensive strategy that includes multiple scan targets running in tandem with our software development lifecycle. When our customers ask us if our software is security tested, Acunetix gives us the confidence to say it is.

Greg Fuller, Quality Assurance Analyst, Vermont Systems

The primary advantage of Acunetix is that it helps us save time when testing.

German Jasso, Computation Engineer, Telcel

The user-friendly UI is really helpful when scanning and Acunetix helps us avoid many false positives, saving us time.

Karen Zhu, InfoSec Engineer, GreenDot

It helps me find security vulnerabilities and suggests how to fix them.

Tan Nguyen, Team Leader, i-financial

Acunetix v12 is crazy fast and the concurrent scans went way up! I could only do 10 concurrent scans before, but now I am running over double the amount concurrently. This is a huge increase in performance and capacity. I was going to add 2 more worker scanners, but with v12 this is no longer necessary, saving greatly on our monthly costs. Also because of the way targets our now counted, my Target estimate has reduced considerably. Great Job!

Bill F., Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Service Lead, VITA

We utilize Acunetix to more thoroughly assess internet-facing websites and servers. Acunetix helps us identify vulnerabilities in conjunction with other vulnerability scanning applications. Acunetix has been a more reliable application when discovering / determining different types of malicious code injection vulnerabilities (SQL, HTML, CGI, etc).

Carter Horton, Assoc. Information Analyst, GD Information Technology

We use it to scan new application launches, and use it yearly to audit new development. It has allowed us to catch a vulnerability in a piece of software from a vendor.

Troy Dowd,Owens-Illinois, Inc.

Each new system is analyzed with Acunetix allowing us to fix vulnerabilities such as SQL injections or cross-site scripting.

Julio Lopez Saa, Analista de Ciberseguridad, Comisión Chilena de Energía Nuclear

We use Acunetix as part of our Security in the SDLC and to test code in DEV and SIT before being promoted to Production.

Kurt Zanzi, Xerox CA-MMIS Information Security Office, xerox

We use Acunetix for initial site enumeration and to ensure that we cover all common surface area and attacks with at least a minimum level of testing. Most of our testing is completed manually and we find logic issues, and so on, but occasionally we focus on difficult to find issues instead of simple issues, like a file upload flaw hidden in the corner of a site that Acunetix brings to our attention.

Brian W. Gray, Sr. Information Security Engineer, Carnegie Mellon University

Acunetix runs a set of hundreds, if not thousands, of tricky tests, and builds up a list of very informative reports afterwards. The most important issues it finds, are Blind SQL injections and XSS. It also gives recommendations regarding less important, but still notable security parts and vulnerabilities, which could be present on a website. Here on miniBB, we have plans to co-operate closely with Acunetix also for the future releases of miniBB. We take care of our security and any corporate customers should do too. This scanner looks very promising and could protect your website from lots of problems even at this stage.

Paul Puzyrev, Founder, miniBB

It’s taken our penetration testing to a new level!

Mark Akins, Managing Partner, 1st Secure IT, LLC

Acunetix has helped make our application stronger and given our clients the assurance that their data is safe.

Benjamin De Point, VP of Software Development & Hosting, Hospitality101 Inc. (

Acunetix WVS surpasses other web application vulnerability scanners out there, both in terms of its ability to find vulnerabilities and reduce the false positives that I have to deal with. We use the consulting license and actually use it to help improve the security posture of many other organizations. While automated vulnerability testing is only one piece of the puzzle in app sec, it does its piece very well. This is why I have renewed my license for the 3rd year in a row.

Aaron Bryson, Technical Director, Cylance, Inc.

As an all-in-one package for pen testing, it fulfils that duty well in an easy-to-use interface

Justin Pasher, IT Manager, Distribion

Super easy to use and a must for your application testing arsenal.

John Hally, Sr Security Engineer/Lead, EBSCO Information Services

Acunetix WVS gives the best of both; the automated and the manual testing tools.

Muhammad Farooq Khan, Program Manager, En Pointe Technologies Sales Inc

One of the best vulnerability scanners for web applications out there!

Hector Gonzalez, Senior Security Analyst, Level3 (Argentina)

We have found Acunetix WVS to be a valuable part of our SDLC

Jonathan Burchmore, CTO, Miva, Inc. (

Acunetix has significantly cut down on the time it takes to identify web threats, assist us in vulnerability identification and allowed us to report factual security information quickly and effectively.

Brian Clark, CEO & Chief Network Architect, NPG, LLC.

Acunetix has helped us eliminate vulnerabilities from our web-based software application to provide peace of mind to our customers.

Dustin Larsen, System Engineer, PrinterLogic

Strong resource in the toolbox

Mike Muscatell, Information Security Manager, Snyder’s-Lance Inc.

Acunetix allowed us to easily satisfy the security requirements of our client.

Reece Griffin, Technical Director, TBA Digital Inc.

Helped us identify and remediate vulnerabilities in our web applications quickly and easily.

Mark Zuzarte, Security Specialist, WestonFoods (Canada)

It has made our vulnerability testing part of the development lifecycle.

Frank Boffey, Director of Information Technology, zipLogix

Basically we are brand new to Acunetix and already found SQL injection vectors so we want to expand to the sensor etc within the near future.

Patrick Clark, System Manager, LiveGlam

We mainly use Acunetix as a vulnerabilities scanner for our pentesting activities. This helps us to improve the product’s security level and robustness.

Massimiliano Carrassi, Senior Test Engineer, Siemens Industry Software

Acunetix is the best scanner in the world, other scanners are just not as good. Acunetix helps me a lot in my job; it gives a detailed and accurate list of vulnerabilities with explanations on how to fix each one. Respect to Acunetix staff and software, nice work and keep it up!

Domagoj Jazvec, Penetration Tester, Croatian Academic and Research Network

Acunetix is one of the best tools I have ever seen on the market. It can detect security vulnerabilities very quickly. The error rate is really low. It also makes my work a lot easier thanks to its integration capabilities.

Murat Kaya, Application Security Engineer, Arkas Holding SA

Acunetix scanning is an important step before every release to production as it can expose possible vulnerabilities introduced by new developments. It’s way quicker, simpler, and more accurate than our previous solution for dynamic scans.

Agapescu Catalin, Development Engineer, ING Bank (Romania)

Best Web Application Assessment tool we ever used!

Waqas Ahmed, Internal IT Auditor, Al-Elm Information Security Company (Saudi Arabia)

Acunetix has given us the ability to compete with the larger web development organisations on the security side of application development. Also giving us the confidence to not be fazed, when clients use their own pen test companies.

Paul Mathias, Systems Engineer, Codestorm Limited (UK)

We use Acunetix to assess the security of web applications, which helps us discover new critical vulnerabilities on our websites.

Hiba Alamin, Information security team leader, NCTR

Acunetix OVS has helped our organisation to ISO 27001 certification. Acunetix OVS is easy to use, comprehensive and provides excellent reports for each area of our business from management through to developers. Acunetix OVS instills confidence within our organisation and our customers.

Mike Pickett, Product Architect, Groupcall Limited (UK)

Acunetix is the entry point for the process of accepting any new or modified web applications.

Raymond Morsman, Global Information Security and Compliance Officer, Mediq (NL)

It has helped in carrying out security tests before applications are deployed into production.

Tope Odubanjo, IT Security, GT Bank plc (Guaranty Trust Bank plc) (Nigeria)

Acunetix is a key point in our application’s security strategy, it’s integrated with the QA process, allowing us a cost effective way of detecting flaws that can be solved early within the development life cycle. Its toolkit also facilitates performing of manual tests. After trying many others, we can say that it is the fastest one and has the best relationship between findings and false positives.

ING Direct (Spain)

Best web vulnerability scanner in the market!

Jorge R. Montero Lores, CTO, Inveravante (Spain)

Acunetix is a key component of Snapt security scans for clients as well as for internal use.

Dave Blakey, CEO, Snapt (South Africa)

Acunetix allows us to improve the security of our web development.

MAISONNEUVE, Security Engineer, TF1 (France)

It’s a practical and effective tool to perform web site analysis and produce quick reports.

Jorge Fernando Maciel Rodrigues Ruão Pinheiro, Eng.,University of Porto – Faculty of Engineering , Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (Portugal)

Acunetix helps us assure our overall web security.

Rony Michaely, CISO, Walla (Israel)

Easy to purchase, easy to use, effective results.

Necmettin Turer, IT Manager, Univera Bilgisayar Sistemleri San Tic A.S. (Turkey)

Perfect tool for regular security scanning.

Kiril Stoilov, Senior System Designer and System Owner, Mobiltel (Bulgaria)

Acunetix is a great tool for web application security with great small features for network audit.

Michael Pickett, Product Architect, Badoo

The use of Acunetix WVS has allowed us to schedule regular automated scans on a host of sites under the Betfair Group umbrella, providing invaluable visibility in capturing vulnerabilities early in the SDLC.

Jan Ettles, (UK)

The best web security software so far!

Tshoganetso Ntebogang, Web Developer, Botswana International University of Science & Technology

Acunetix OVS keeps our cloud secure for our customers.

Martin van Diemen, Co-owner, Root3 (NL)

It’s a great tool that I’ve now embedded in the development life cycle here at work.

Ben Schofield, QA Manager, Reed Exhibitions (UK)

If you want to get the job done on time and make sure you don’t lose your work due to unexpected crashes, then this is the product you want to rely upon. The results are presented in a structured manner which is very easy to navigate and can actually be productive when using the application. Last but not least, it is very easy to update and upgrade the application. No need to waste time like in other products in the market.

Dr. Grigorios Fragkos, Senior Information Security Consultant – Breach Protection, Sysnet Global Solutions

As a Penetration tester, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner makes the most tedious and recurring tasks a breeze, cutting down on time requirement and raising the quality of the test by making sure I do not miss a single script or parameter. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is a complete frameset for web application penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, including the manipulation and forging of HTTP and HTTPS requests, fuzzing, brute forcing and automation. The integrated automation engine allows me to quickly create special customised attack scenarios directly onto an existing infrastructure.

Thierry Zoller, Telindus, Luxembourg

Great tool, easy to use!

Edu Hackenitz, Senior Developer, University Library Utrecht (NL)

We have hundreds of websites developed by different teams using different tools and coding techniques. Acunetix is my way to improve security posture and exposure of these websites to the world.

Moshe Glickstein, CISO, Technion

We use Acunetix to help our customers meet compliance requirements, and test newly developed applications.

Peter Golda, Managing Director, STIDIA S.A.

We use Acunetix to scan all our products we deliver and it has helped us to improve our quality of code being released.

Johan Pieterse, Group CSO, Racing Post

Easy and comprehensive!

Khairil Anwar Jusoh, ICT Security Officer, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Having used Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (consultant edition) since 2009, we find it an essential tool in protecting our interior critical system and helping our customers to protect their own systems. We had previously used IBM appscan, but have found Acunetix to have a more user friendly interface, be simpler to install, and runs faster. We use both Apache and IIS servers and technologies including PHP, .NET, C, Perl and Java, for which we have found Acunetix to be very effective. We also find it very well priced in comparison to its competitors.”
Chunghwa Telecom is the largest telecommunications company in Taiwan and the incumbent mobile, PSTN and broadband carrier there, providing data service and intelligent networks. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Chunghwa Telecom was founded as a company on June 15, 1996 as part of the Republic of China government’s privatization efforts. To-date the organization employs close to 24,000 employees.

Chen Guan Ten, Deputy Supervisor, Chunghwa Telecom

I had used Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS) a couple of years ago to determine how much it could help my vulnerability assessment efforts, given I was formally trained to pen-test networks and hosts but knew little about web and database apps. I tested a few products, including some from HP and IBM. Having used Acunetix WVS further this year, I was especially impressed since it performed a remarkably detailed and capable scan with very little effort. Reporting is comprehensive, absent of too many false positives, and Acunetix WVS produces neat and understandable reports. The layout is intuitive enough to start basic testing and yet the product is wildly powerful, leaving you room to do so much more.

Dave Wood, Datacom (New Zealand)

Acunetix OVS provides Vault GRC a trusted third party security audit of our web application’s security.

Graeme Ainsworth, Chief Software Architect, Vault GRC

Acunetix is an industry leading web security solution with lots of advanced features to scan modern websites or applications including SPA. It has several industry reporting formats including compliance reports and it really helps to make life easier for a user if used properly.

Tawhidur Rahman, Senior Consultant, ICT Division

Acunetix has improved the turnaround time for the vulnerability management process.

Wayne Tang, Cybersecurity & Privacy services professional in a global professional services firm with a significant presence in Taiwan
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